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Dr. Maria Rosario just gave me the most comprehensive exam and professional check-up I have ever experienced. She took digital x-rays and used two other cameras to take pictures of each individual tooth. The CariVu camera shows early decay and fracture lines. She also has an intra-oral camera that takes close-up pictures. She took the time to explain to me the condition of each tooth, along with my gum and bone health surrounding my teeth. She explained clearly in layman's terms and suggested the best course of action. I would highly recommend getting this exam, even if you have another dentist. Everyone should be educated about what's going on in their mouths!
My teen and pre-teen have been going to Dr. Rosario for their treatments and they feel comfortable and at ease with her.  She truly cares about her patients' dental hygiene and overall well-being. I am looking forward to my next few visits to take care of my teeth and gums. I know I am in good hands.
-Julie L
Why Dr. Maria Sison-Rosario deserves the highest possible commendation.
The throbbing pain in my lower left jaw just beneath the bridge had become unbearable and made it almost intolerable to bite. The swelling on my left jaw had subsided after the home remedy of alternately swishing mouthfuls of salt water and hydrogen peroxide. I promptly visited Dr. Latifi, DDS in Henderson, Nevada. The XRAY of the affected area showed the cause to be a failed Root Canal that was done 15 years ago. Dr. Latifi ordered for a local endodontist to extract tooth #18 and then replace the crown. Now retired and on a fixed income, how can I possibly afford the $8,000 to $15,000 dental re-work?
Uncertain of what awaits, I called my trusted dentist Dr. Rosario in Fullerton, CA for a second opinion. Perhaps, the work can be postponed.
Having quickly discussed my case with Dr. Latifi, Dr. Rosario took the time to pen her recommendations via email before the end of the day. Dr. Rosario wrote: "Because Dr. Latifi says that your tooth doesn't seem like it has a fracture at the root surface, nor does she see any sign of periodontal issues, I would recommend the following... Have a root canal re-treatment on #18 by seeing an endodontist specialist that does micro-surgery in his/her office. By doing the root canal re-treatment, you will be able to "save" your bridge, and no need to undergo an extraction procedure and replace #18 with implants or a denture.
She added: "However, please know that this may weaken your already brittle tooth. Unfortunately, there are no guarantees in dentistry. I do think it's definitely worth the risk. The endodontist will advise you if it's worth doing it; I think it is".
Relieved with her expert professional explanation, integrity and compassion, I asked if it would be possible to arrange to have "all the work" be done in one visit. The following day, Dr. Rosario called back to let me know that all was arranged and that my appointment would be on Friday upon the completion of my antibiotic treatment.
No words can describe the miracle that happened with Dr. Rosario's caring and generous efforts. All done in ONE DAY! Where else can you find a dentist like Dr. Maria? If I could give 100 stars I would! I can never thank Dr. Maria Sison-Rosario, her assistant and the staff enough from the bottom of my heart. You are the best of the best!
-Marilou A

Amazing! Dr. Rosario and her staff are friendly and helpful. They actually make you not dread going to the dentist. No overbilling or pushing unnecessary services here. She truly wants the best possible care for her patients. Highly recommend!!

-Marie P

After more than three years of having excellent service from Dr. Rosario, my review is long overdue.  I have had multiple dental procedures - fillings, crowns (from implants and root canal), cleanings, etc., and each time has been a very pleasant experience (well, the most pleasant that can be expected from going to a dentist)!  Dr. Rosario and her staff Brittany and Dee Dee are very professional, friendly, caring and really make me feel valued as a patient.  I know that whenever I see Dr. Rosario that I am in good hands (she uses the latest and best in dental technology), and she takes the time to explain my best options and go over all the details, which are very conservative and precise.  She is always great with following up with me to make sure that I am comfortable and doing okay.

Dr. Rosario is by the far the best dentist that I have had, and I can honestly recommend her to anyone looking for a reliable, professional dentist that you can count on for years to come!

-Milady C

Dr. Rosario and her staff are amazing!!

I have had nothing but good experiences having Dr. Rosario as a dentist and I have been TERRIFIED of the dentist since a young age. Dr. Rosario is very professional, accommodating, and patient. She is always so caring towards her patients which creates a calm environment, putting you at ease.

Dr. Rosario is very knowledgeable about dentistry and keeps her office up to date with all the latest high-tech equipment. She offers CERAC which are same-day crowns so you don't have to spend weeks with a temporary before coming back for a permanent crown. Unbelievable! Dr. Rosario also calls her patients a couple of hours after they have left the office to see how they are feeling after their procedure; that is how much she cares about her patients. I have never had a dentist ever do that before!

A big plus is that her office is very clean and also very cute! Her office is located directly across the street from St. Jude and I recommend her to anyone looking for a great dentist!

-Elle J

If you're looking for a dentist in North Orange County... LOOK NO FURTHER!  Dr. Rosario is the BOMB.COM.  From check-in to cleaning to follow up afterwards, this place is top notch.  The entire office staff is incredibly friendly and if you're kinda sick of the whole USC/UCLA labels, you'll love this place. No frills, newer equipment, and great people. Lastly, her office location actually says, "One Magnificent Smile".

-Joy L